Hardware & Consultancy

InInova is introducing TMsoLine and TMgoUnit — two technical solutions specifically designed for an efficient, biology-friendly and environmentally sound production of mealworms.

Mealworms are the larval form of the mealworm beetle, Tenebrio molitor – TM


This is InInova's first product — A linear, automated sorting bench that separates mealworm larvae into factions based on size. It was designed for use with the TMgoUnit (as described below) but can be deployed separately.

The sorting of mealworm larvae has several practical benefits

Keeping larvae of the same size together inhibits cannibalism.

Makes it easier to optimize their living conditions at each life stage.

Easier harvesting of the fully grown larvae.

Easy separation of pupae – that is, of larvae that have begun their transformation into fully grown mealworm beetles.

All of this minimizes costly manual handling of the larvae and reduces waste, as more larvae will survive to become ready for harvesting.


InInova is introducing the TMgoUnit, an integrated environmental unit specifically designed for high-yield, efficient production of mealworms.

As a protein source mealworms have unique qualities that make them a highly desirable ingredient in feeds for the aquaculture industry and in other, similar settings. They have a small ecological footprint when compared to other contemporary ways of sourcing animal protein. In many Asian countries they have been used, historically and to the present day, for direct for human consumption. As of June 2021, mealworms were approved by the European Union as a novel food.

Our aim with the TMgoUnit is to streamline production of this high-quality, environment-friendly protein source.

TMgoUnit is based on biological science and comprehensive testing

— It's technical advantages include

Flow-based production – The larvae will pass through the unit as they grow, instead of remaining stationary in a box.

Automatic feeding and removal of waste products.

Regulation of temperature and airflow to achieve optimal growth conditions for different stages of larval development.

Modular design – two or more TMgoUnits may be connected in a serial production line, to allow even better fine-tuning of the growth environment.

To this may be added the benefits of the TMsoLine – if both units are combined to form an integrated production line.

Return on investment

Whether deployed by themselves or in combination, TMsoLine and TMgoUnit offer an attractive selection of economical benefits:

Support, training and consultancy

The founder of InInova, Bo Mathiesen, has a wide experience with industrial insect production, and particularly with mealworms and their uses in feeds for, e.g., the aquaculture industry. This knowledge can be brought to bear, of course, in the installation phase of our production units, in the process of optimizing their yield – and also in terms of how best to utilize the end product.

Other forms of training or consultancy may be arranged on an ad-hoc basis.